Sir Gerald’s statement on the Article 50 vote in Parliament

Sir Gerald’s statement on the Article 50 vote in Parliament:

As many will be aware, I have for over 40 years campaigned for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union.  I was therefore delighted with the result of the referendum and the resolve with which Theresa May has sought to implement the will of the British people.  I was delighted to take part in the historic vote on Wednesday night which by 494-114 passed the Bill required to authorise the Government to formally notify the European Commission of the UK’s departure.  The Bill will be considered by the committee next week after which it will be considered by the House of Lords.  This will ensure the notice is given by 31st March, fulfilling the instructions of the British people given by them at the referendum on 23rd June 2016.  Whilst the next few years will undoubtedly be challenging, I am confident the Government will secure a mutually beneficial deal with the European Union.