No more defence cuts

As a Defence Minister from 2010-2012, I am very aware of the volatile world we live in: massive upheavals in the Middle East, the very real threat from Islamic Fundamentalism and a resurgent Russia. That's why I belive in a strong defence of the realm- keeping our Trident nuclear deterrent ( now at risk from the Scottish National Party) and maintaining proper force levels. I will fight against any further reductions in troop numbers and the MoD Budget and stand strong on backing the NATO commitment to an annual defence spending 2% GDP. 

On 4th February 2015 I gave my signature to Early day motion 757 on defence spending, supporting and calling for a House of Commons debate on the following motion: 

'That this House believes that the UK faces a growing and ever more complex range of current and future threats, many of which were unforeseen, such as the Ukrainian crisis; calls on the next Government to adopt effective and properly resourced diplomatic, development and defence policies to meet these threats; and supports the UK devoting at least two per cent of its gross domestic product to defence, including a one per cent per annum increase in the defence equipment budget.'

Whilst targeted overseas aid has a role to play, I have opposed its large budget increase which should be moved to defence and our hard-pressed police. As the local MP, I supported our large companies like QinetiQ, and smaller ones such as Camlock who export leading products around the world.