Ensure excellent healthcare

Frimley Park out of hours service ( photo above) provides excellent local care.  The Aldershot Centre for Health is one of the biggest such health facilities in the country, and I helped ensure the partners remained committed to the project, which brought military and NHS staff together in one joint location. It now serves 2, 700 patients a day. I will continue to work to support the excellent healthcare services in our area. 

Boost the local economy

Unemployment in Aldershot and Farnborough has fallen by 66% over the last 5 years with only 608 JSA claimants, local youth unemployment has also fallen by 74% (Figures: December 2014). The Government's long term economic plan is woking as many more people go out to work and bring home a pay cheque for their families. 

No more defence cuts

As a Defence Minister from 2010-2012, I am very aware of the volatile world we live in: massive upheavals in the Middle East, the very re